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What’s Up! Preview—Preparedness and Community in Uncertain Times

In this episode of “What’s Up,” John Petersen and Gregg Braden stress the need for community and preparedness amid rising uncertainties. Gregg emphasizes the crucial mental and physical preparations for events like power outages and supply chain disruptions.

John highlights the Arlington Institute’s initiatives to enhance community resilience and the role of technology in linking like-minded groups. They discuss the essential shift in mindset required to adapt to new realities, advocating for independence and self-reliance. This conversation underscores the critical need for community support and proactive thinking to navigate today’s challenges.

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Enjoy this episode of John Petersen, featured by Mike Adams of Brighteon TV discussing the future of humankind, our space in the cosmos and being one planet in multiple advanced civilizations.

Interview—Mike Adams, Brighteon TV, Featuring John Petersen

Greg Braden and John Petersen discuss the intentional dismantling of social bonds, including economic, gender, race, and religious divisions. They emphasize the erosion of religious foundations, the necessity of personal and community resilience, and the potential for a new, more aware and responsible human and world to emerge.

Premium What’s Up!—Preparedness and Community in Uncertain Times