A Global Initiative to Design a New World


Our planet is in the middle of an unprecedented, epic transition that will result in the emergence of a new human and new world. The options for humanity are clear: either wait out the process and see how it emerges or engage in the design and manifestation of the new world such that both the evolution and new world are as benign, smooth, and effective as possible.

In the face of the greatest shift in history either we can actively engage or not.

The benefits of engagement are significant.

  • The transition almost certainly would be smoother with less pain and disruption
  • We could actively design the new world in terms that directly met obvious needs and opportunities
  • Participating in the process would focus participants on a positive future rather than the rapidly imploding world around them – providing hope in a time of chaos
  • The entrainment of significant numbers of people, all working towards a common goal would accelerate the manifestation of the new world
  • A broad-based group of constituents for building a new world would emerge who would then be the natural residents and leaders of the new world that emerges

This is a high-level design of a major project, TransitionNet, that will facilitate the global transition to a new world by providing the framework for mobilizing large numbers of change-agents from across the planet in an unprecedented effort to systematically design – and ultimately build – a desired future.

We believe that a new world is aborning – it will arrive in any case.

But the transition to the unknown, but inevitable new world can be actively shaped and designed through a bottom-up, emergent process that will harvest the best ideas from the global crowd and in the process organize an international community that will be the first residents of the new world they have helped to envision.

Therefore, what is proposed here is a global initiative to rapidly engage in a broad-based series of efforts designed to play a significant, influential role in the transition to and emergence of a new human and new world.


Establish, enable and facilitate the emergence of a global network of local groups that works directly on birthing a new world through a series of initiatives designed to ultimately provide the intellectual framework and architecture and resource base upon which it evolves.



1. Identify pivotal, Transition Issues that are central to the transition to a new world

2. Organize a distributed network of Transition Teams that are actively working on new approaches to
the “transition issues”

3. Develop a web-based community/collaborative app to facilitate the development and operation of the transition teams

4. Produce biennial conferences that will allow cell members to physically come together

5. Develop a self-funding platform which will guarantee the economic viability of the initiative

6. Constitute a Global Transition Network of select thinkers and wise people to provide oversight for the TransitionNet initiative

7. Produce a global community of “transitioneers” who are key prospects for participating in the New World Game that actively engages in the design of the new world (Phase II)



This plan will:

1. Utilize the efforts of various leaders through their respective online content, to bring together a critical mass of individuals who want to participate in helping to build the new world.

2. Use the blogs and associated activities to develop a small set of Transition Issues that represent the largest, most important and most pressing hinge-subjects that must be effectively addressed to facilitate the effective transition.

What needs to be in place to enable the emergence of a new world? Examples:

  • New concepts
  • New values
  • New tools
  • New perspectives
  • Potential problems
  • Assumptions
  • Possible contextual change

3. Provide direction for the start-up of local Transition Teams (TT) around the world who are active participants in the transition process. Each TT is organized around addressing a single Transition Issue. Members of the teams become the engine for the evolutionary facilitation process.

4.  Use the “wisdom of the crowd” of the Transition Teams, operating both independently and in tandem with other TTs addressing common Transition Issues, to generate broad-based options for addressing the most pivotal issues related to the transition process.

5.  Design a web-based application that enables both social interaction among the participants and provides a “collaboration” platform specifically crafted to facilitate the development of international conversations around the transitional issues.

The app will:

  • Provide a platform for social interaction/engagement
  • Facilitate the idea development process of the transition teams through
    • Regular social interaction
    • Collecting ideas/solutions for review
  • Link different cells from around the world together who are working on common issues
  • Feed deliberation products to central integration node which will be accessible to all members
  • Allows individual participants/members to easily find like-minded people and to network with them
  • Offer an interactive web portal that will allow anyone accessing it to visualize the current state of the global design process and provide linkage to the underlying source documents that support the proposed initiatives

The web app and an attendant smartphone app will allow the emerging ideas to both be solicited and debated at the local group level but also upload the best of the local conversations to be commonly accessible by all participants in an on-line location that is easily monitored, providing an overview of the global conversations.

6. Build a global “community” through the working groups that is involved in and dedicated to actively shaping the evolution of the new world.

7.  Provide additional activities and value to the members of the community.

8.  Produce biennial Transition conferences (e.g. TRANSITION1), where

  • Participants can come together to meet other individuals from around the world who are working on similar transition issues,
  • Gain a current overview of all of the global Transition Issue discussions underway
  • Update global scenarios that present potential future worlds,
  • Be motivated and encouraged by presentations about major emerging events, discoveries, situations and possibilities that could materially affect the likely new world is evolving.

Yes! I want to become a TransitionNet founder.

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Our objective is to literally change the world!

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