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Quartet Preview – What does a new economy in a new world look like?

Current global problems are direct derivatives of the current capitalistic economic system. What might an economic system in a new world/country look like? How might this work? How could the present system be reconfigured in this direction?

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  1. I hope your future classes include the how-to process and proceed ~ incl classes in meditation. Yoga, crypto currency investments, etc

    If we’re Awakening to multi dimensional Universe, it’d be value-added to understand basics so we can be prepared and coach, develop others with a joyful heart and lots of energy!

  2. This is a huge conversation that I hope we all have a chance to dialogue together about. My 20+ years with Spiral Dynamics integral tells me that the “dis-integration” mentioned will cause many many people to have “downshifting perceptions of their life conditions” which will naturally lead to downshifting value systems (and expressions) to Red (“it’s all about me!”) to Purple (“My tribe will keep me safe.”) to Beige (“I need to survive!”). This downshifting is happening globally right now, and will continue as dis-integration becomes more widespread. Sitting in the comfort of our homes on Zoom does NOT provide us with the perceptions of life conditions we need to figure out how to best navigate a future that is much less certain (in terms of basic necessities like food, shelter, water, etc.) and will likely influence how we are with one another, due to downshifting value systems. Another area of concern I have is the whole distributed blockchain idea. I’m not clear that it’s a good idea to craft a new economic system that requires huge amounts of electricity, an internet, and global structures, in order to function? We’re assuming all of that must exist in the “new world order”… but is that a reasonable assumption, given all the supply chain breakdowns, etc. we’re looking at? How to re-establish a much more localized world seems to be a worthy inquiry. Much to ponder and talk about.

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Quartet – What does a new economy in a new world look like?