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Quartet Preview – The Transition: Why NOW?

The Transition: why now? Multiple sources, including the Ra books, talk about episodically “harvesting” of souls at certain times. Why at those times? Is it random or in some way predictable? What if we’re in a simulation; is this a reset? What are the indicators?

With Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, Kingsley Dennis, and host John Petersen.

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  1. This is about your comment on Martin Armstrong meeting that has comments off. Given what you have said there, John, there should already be a diverse and varied groups of people reflecting on what we value from now on, how, why, for what and for how long. And don’t lose sight of what your own guests and fellow members have talked about on several occasions about the forking timelines. Whatever it is this Thing we live in, has more resources than what a few sociopaths who take over everything can do. We can put our energy , take action,in favor of creating a world very different from the horrors we are in now, if we do not do that we will see all that dissonance manifest that Martin Armstrong is announcing. I have no interest in leaving that inheritance to my descendants. Or do we? Stay well.

  2. Thank you so much for the gatherings. I just became a Free Member. I know this is a place where I belong. I am a helper and giver, always have tried to be, but now more than ever. I have been a teacher all my life. At 70, I still need to work to earn some income, so I became a substitute in the HeadStart program in my community. I know I am vibrating at my highest frequency now. I am in touch with many spritual guides and angels here on Earth and in the Universe. More, I am sure than I am even aware of. I thank you all so much for sharing your knowledge and beliefs with me and others. Blessings, Peace and Love.

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Volume 26, Number 23 – 12/1/23

Quartet Premium, The Transition: Why Now?

Premium Quartet – The Transition: Why NOW?