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Quartet Preview – The Off Ramp: Decreasing Technologic Dependence

What is the most effective way to wean ourselves away from the increasing dependence upon invasive and controlling technology? How do we maintain effectiveness while becoming less dependent upon a world that is increasingly technologic.

With Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, Kingsley Dennis, and host John Petersen.

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  1. Posted for Mark D.
    Mark D.
    I have a question for Penny.
    I have heard ET vehicles use propulsion systems that pull energy from the vacuum.
    Once the public has that technology, how big a leap is it to convert vacuum energy into matter?
    In other words, I can visualize a 3D printer that pulls energy from the vacuum, converts it to matter and then prints a working electronic device.
    How far away is physical matter extraction once we learn energy extraction?

  2. Posted for Joel B.
    joel b.
    I just recently came across your YouTube channel. I appreciate your perspective and desire for a better world.

    I have multiple questions for you laced into my commentary. My questions maybe somewhat rhetorical in nature but they are sincere. First I need to frame the questions.

    I was raised in California by post WW2 parents. Went to the First Christian Church in Whittier, went into the military in 1968 working in the flight simulator complex at George AFB training F4 pilots who where enroute to
    tours in Viet Nam. Following that I raised a family and worked as a self employed R.E. developer. I believe I had a
    typical middle class understanding of the world as a boomer.

    As I matured I developed a sincere pursuit to delve deeply into Biblical interpretation. Because of my passion for Biblical studies I obtained an expansive reference library. So many nights after a work day I would have 5 or 6 reference books open simultaneously searching for truth via comparison in scripture. My intention being to know and teach Biblical truth to others without a bias in my interpretation such to persuade others to adopt my views. I was constantly parsing the Greek.

    Because of my passions and devotion to the church I was elevated to an elder, in a basic bible believing evangelical church, a teacher of eschatology and interim pastor.
    I believed in my government and its representatives, the literal interpretation of the bible, capitalism,
    the educational system, etc. Until unexpectedly in April of 2012 the foundations of all of my beliefs failed me.

    I won’t bore you with details, however, I had what I now call a mystical experience. I was watching Zeit Geist Vol.1 for the first time. I had no idea what it was about but curiosity or fate compelled me to keep watching despite the discomfort I felt, given that so much of what was presented conflicted with my Christian beliefs.
    When I got to the chapter detailing Astrotheology I was stuck at the Soul level that my belief system, in its totality, was in error and incomplete.

    The sound of truth has its own vibration. I could not bring to bare my bible knowledge as a defense to refute what I felt in my heart and heard with my ears. I felt sickened, lost, adrift with no anchor. No way to stop my spiral down into the abys of spiritual darkness and emptiness. At that very moment I dumpted Christanity and stopped going to church. AS result all of my Christian friends, family and wife rejected me. Curiously and simultaneously I felt safe, protected and closer to Spirit than I had know in my 62 years prior as a bible thumping Christian. I was alone with my new convictions.
    I didn’t hear words from God but I did hear, or rather, felt a calling. Even though my foundations where gone in an instant of time , I felt no fear or worry. That’s the peace that passes understanding.

    I did feel lost. “Who is God? Who am I? Why am I here.” I needed answers so I went on a search for answers with the same passion and dedication when studying the bible. I read countless books, explored the major religious doctrines, met with psychics, studied human history, etc. And I was rewarded. As I took steps in this direction, my conscious awareness expanded exponentially.

    Fast forward to today, 12 years later listening to John Peterson and/or the Quartet. All that is to say, “I am still searching. I am still learning and debating within myself about the infinite variety of perspectives offered. I take it in and then boil it down so to speak. I find that there is no one source for all of my unanswered questions. What has emerged, the common thread, is the Oneness of all things. Rather than the Christian notion that God separated Himself from mankind in the Garden.

    It seems to me that, we as a race of men, are not equipped to create a new world given that our egocentric perspectives remain fixed to this current reality. I can fashion a concept of the ideal new civilization but much of it would be a knee-jerk reaction, however noble, to the failed experiment we are experiencing today. I am a sovereign as are you, yet I am not equipped to fashion a future suitable for all. Who but the All can do such a thing?

    If I am incarnating here again then Yes, I do want a new and different world system for untethered evolution of my soul within the human body.

    I have not been acquainted with you long enough to know what you expect our collective future looks like except for speculations about an inevitable collapse in multiple sectors of civilization. I do know from what little I have gleaned from your podcasts that you are fascinated and concerned about that future. I surmise, maybe incorrectly, that you want to have a hand in creating a more idyllic civilization?

    So many people are offering dates of “The Big Event” as being 2030. It’s a nice round number. I remember a scripture saying, “No man knows the day or the hour.” That I can believe. Neither Armstrong nor Clif High know precisely. They are using technology as a tool to attempt to divine or outsmart what is of Divine design. I mean no disrespect. And why does it matter? Stock food, bullets, gold, etc. all of which will run out eventually. Will
    the majority of those who prepare share with those who did not prepare? Most don’t see what’s headed there way even though it’s currently upon them.

    I think we can agree that an Event of some sort is coming and is necessary. Given mans’ inclination toward selfishness and separation I am not optimistic about mans future on this earth with our current egocentric hindrances. Such that after any form of reset the ‘feed up collective’ can establish utopia. Not unless there is first a separation of souls. The prevailing notion is that we will be separated according to the rate at which we vibrate. I do believe that our highest and best future cannot be defined without Divine intervention.

    I can see that Divine intervention is at work in the development of my soul. I incline myself toward The Source of All and It inclines toward me. There are many millions of others worldwide, in part, due to our alignment with the Galactic center and predictions relative to the precession of the equinox (The Great Year being 25,920 years) who are awakening to their Essential Self also. Divine intervention has always been with us so I have no doubt it will continue.
    I believe it is a desire to return to source at an elemental level that propels us even though it is sometimes ugly. It’s in our DNA. That inclination is awakening in some and dormant in most.

    While listening to you and Bradden recently, I heard him refer to the Mayan calendar and predictions relative to 2012, saying there is a 36 year window of change occurring either side of 2012. I recall him saying, 18 years prior to 2012 and 18 years after that 2012 is a window of noticeable and significant change. I would like to know where he got that data and from whom? I would suggest that possibly it is a 72 year window as it is equal to one degree of arch in the precession of the equinox and roughly equal to the average lifespan of a man in this day and age? Regardless, the 2012 date is a benchmark for those who have discernment about our place in time. I’m impatient for that day.

    So finally, would you disagree with the idea that a Cosmic or Natural event is more likely to shift the mass of humanities’ consciousness than a manmade event? One can not imagine the impact a meteor would have , or a solar flare, or multiple simultaneous earthquakes or a pole shift and such would have on the hearths and minds of men.

    Personally, I think we need a mass awakening as each and every individual is a part or a cell in the body of The All. If we continue on as is…how will the ignorant masses realize who they truly are and contribute to the well-being of all?

    I am mixed in my feeling as the whether I want to see the horror that will come with whatever event occurs. Yet I want to stick around long enough in hopes to see a that day of great blessings for us all.

    The future, I would suggest , without Divine intervention is a continuation of mans’ futile efforts trying to fashion a new world. Many times we have heard, “We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.” The vast, vast majority believe that they are their body and little else. Will they not continue to kill, steal, and seek for power and prestige, to continue to exploit Earthly resources?
    When all men see that they are inseparable from the body of the All and that they are inseparable from each other then we will experience The Golden Dawn.

    Whatever happens, it’s in the Divine Plan. I am reminded of an exchange between Krishna and Arjuna found in the Bhagavad Gita.
    Arjuna was lamenting the coming war. (Not unlike that which we are seeing in our world to day. Brother against brother). He didn’t want to be a participant in what he thought was a waste of valuable human life. Krishna says, “The wise man does not greave for the dead or for the living. Only the man who is unmoved by any sensations, the wise man indifferent to pleasure, to pain, is fit for becoming deathless.” If you think the Self can kill or think that it can be killed, you do not understand reality’s subtle ways.”

    I am reminded also of wise instruction given in the Tao Te Ching. Laozi says, actions are noble but we are not to become attached to the fruit of our labors. Like Dr. Hawkins says, “Let go.” Letting go of how we what it to become.

    The human ego has been an essential part of mans’ evolution but it has now outlived it’s usefulness.

    I do truly appreciate how the accumulation of your life experiences have developed your insightful mind and your courage to express your hopes and concerns. I will continue to enjoy your perspective. Thank you.

    Respectfully, Joel

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