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Quartet Preview – The Mandela Effect

The Mandela effect — is it real? If so, what does it mean?

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  1. Posted for Kathy A.
    Regarding Mandella affect, do you know if conspiracy theorist Miles Mathis posts are reliable, as opposed to half-truth to confuse people? He lists well-known tragic events that are false flags. (no https: site)
    I know Sandy Hook was a fake. The day it happened I saw a website with kids in the parking lot of an abandoned, damaged school building rehearsing for news footage, while mothers leaned on cars waiting. A report claimed the homes of all the residents had their mortgages paid off to keep quiet. All this was gone the next day, when a reporter asked a child a question she innocently answered truthfully. You could see her father digging his fingers into her clavicle to stop her.
    Nicole Hockley is a victim mother who now represents gun control after “her child” was “killed” at Sandy Hook. Her face is identical to (when superimposed over it) the face of Gabby Petito, whose bald boyfriend Brian Laundrie killed her in the desert, then committed suicide. Now they say Gabby died in 2021 but it was before Sandy Hook.
    I saw Brian Laundrie with hair, named Sam Zeif, in a meeting with Trump as a crying student from a school shooting, sitting next to the Nicole Hockley. They both have photos on IMDB for movies. Identical Sam Zeif is also a NY graduated architect with dark hair. All CIA?
    I saw photos of dead girls from Sandy Hook at a 10? year reunion. I read an old news article claiming Connecticut is full of Satan worshipers with Satan Clubs in schools.
    I recently heard Ted Danson died and now he’s alive. He’s been in shows like “Living with the Dead” and “Talking to Heaven” and “The Good Place” about afterlife.
    In order to get a handle on reality one needs to recognize who is a real person vs. agent of the deep state or a figment. I rely on you and your friends as valid resources.
    Also, I should have added that Miles Mathis claims Israel is a false flag.

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