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Quartet Preview – The Internet of Things

We talked about smart dust being a powerful component of the emerging technocracy, but the dominance of technology is, by no means, limited to that technology. A similar – companion – vector encompasses a very broad spectrum of intrusive technologies that include things like smart meters, smart phones, smart homes and appliances, et. al., all part of a planetary-wide push to make EVERYTHING an active part of a global computer controlled environment.

The question is: how does one deal with all of this? More interestingly, what different scenarios – related to “enlightenment or ascension” – might emerge that would counter this clear, profound trend?

We invite you to leave questions and comments below.

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  1. Modern-day research of ancient sages and their siddhi abilities moved towards a digitization in data collection, as the signals from the brains of these adepts, often leaped and ran off the available space on the EEG charts. With digitization of any signal collection, a crude truncation and loss of elegance of the measured phenomenon results. The sages and our forebears knew, in essence, that “analog” measurements always exceeds “digital” generation-analog living always beats the digital way of life, hence to the immediate impact of scalar and quantum communications, already confirmed to exist in the brain, and likely the inside riddle or koan to Christ’s message in the Sermon of the Mount, where Jesus resolutely says, “The meek shall inherit the Earth”..Because that is the pioneering tradition of civilizations and agrarian societies around the World, those communally, spiritually and intelligently living off the land in Harmony.
    To generally quote research done in the early days of the telecommunications industry in setting up these wide-ranging telecommunication systems, as referenced in the “Sound Book of Healing” by the Globe Sound Institute out of Sausalito, California, these early engineers found they had to magnify their fundamental telecommunications base network frequency or telecommunications signal on the order of over 273,000 times to overcome the fundamental background cosmic frequency, possibly left from the origins of the Universe, that when made audible, literally matches the resonant vibration of primal sound of the Vedic “Ommmmm”, no kidding. The TAOists and those pioneering native cultures like the Lakota Sioux were and continue to be in deep resonance with the Earth. So, when the meek inherit the Earth, maybe they will just pick up where they left off.
    And complexity as Kingsley mentions eloquently, here, can confound in the long run a society that becomes less and less apt, expected in what was their predictable way of living and Life. Recently in a tech forum, one programmer observed that even software is hitting against a sort of “Moore’s Law”, where there’s a finite amount of iterations it can go through until it is no longer operating as effectively and the bloat becomes too confounding.
    Resonance with Nature and our own way of Life may be key. As Gregg Braden has often said, and if you read an interesting anecdote from “Men Who Stand on Magic Carpets”, on the high-tech wizardry going into modern sports’ competition, a doctor of psychology in the book retells how he was contracted by the US after the fall of Fallujah to massively build back the security and safety of a Community that had been obliterated after the extensive destruction they had undergone. Surprisingly or not surprisingly, this high-paid doctor of psychology consultant came into Fallujah and started to teach the population the tools of HeartMath. Because the doctor’s and the research of HeartMath had shown, even if the World is heaving and completely upside-down as Life as you know it, within your heart and every human being made in the image of God is a vibrant oasis of transcendence and transformation. As Greg showed in his recent TransitionTalks presentation, you can literally transmute years and decades of trauma by focusing on the power, healing and regeneration of heart intelligence. Of course, there’s nothing wrong as our great religious traditions have shown to approach life at times with a perspective or demeanor of contrition, there’s just another way, through lifting one’s attitude in a sense of gratitude that helps us along the way, spirally upward as it were.
    The famous neuroscientist, Karl Pibram, Stanford tenured professor and later a Georgetown tenured professor, a Nobel Prize winner too, if I recall, relayed in his findings the same positive outcomes for the human soul as Greg did: through regular practice with biofeedback heart-centered practices like HeartMath, one can transmute decades of experienced trauma and difficulty. In fact, Dr. Karl Pibram, who lived into his mid-90s, often practiced his own research by escaping from the “ivory tower” of the Georgetown campus, so to speak, 2 or 3 times a month to experience the self-healing and renewing effects of biofeedback. Biofeedback advancement mostly analog in training goes all the way back to the beginning of the 1970s at least, and shares much in common with Transcendental Meditation and the renewing of the mind as advocated in many spiritual traditions. The front cover of the book, to the effect of, “How Non-Discursive Thought Can Stop Warring Behavior” by Dr. Buryl Payne says it all, using techniques as simple as biofeedback of the breath in some capacity and galvanic skin measurement as well. If I could post an attachment here, it would provide a very poignant, impactful image on the front cover of this book, as even those in the Global Consciousness Project and Dr. Lynn McTaggart have found through their research in the peace-making effects found in an area when a group of meditators get together.
    Not to put too much of my own personal interest in, though for the record, one of the technologies Dr. Karl Pibram partook in in his twice or so a month visits to Mt. Vernon was the ROSHI Technology, now found in the modern equivalent RoshiWave. The RoshiWave, much like this weekend’s TransitionTalks presentation from Dr. Reiner, provides a signal to the brain that is designed unique each time the user utilizes the technology and has a ‘natural order’ in the delivery that transcends any sort of sympathetic resonance, Dr. Reiner also referred to, that might otherwise cause one’s life to say “explode” or become needlessly entropic. We can live simpler and more in connection with the natural rhythms of Life and our Communities and I believe that is how we will find restoration in the frantic, developing pace of today’s society.

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Volume 25, Number 20 – 10/16/22

Internet of Things Quartet episode

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