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Quartet Preview – The Grand Strategy?

What is the grand strategy for all the change that is going on around us? Who is driving this change? What is the objective?

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  1. “ If there is a Carrington Event Coronal Mass Ejection (the strength of or more intense than the one in 1869 ) then what will be the effect on people with AI in their bodies , even advanced AI such as neural implants, pacemakers , insulin pumps , micro chips etc ?
    Where is the guarantee by the device manufacturers if/when there is a cme event of such magnitude ? Would a Carrington CME harm people if they are touching an ipad or cellphone when it enters our atmosphere? Is there an international warning system for such an event?
    and also. Will there be a reboot for people who are hurt or go unconscious from the cme? How would this be done ?
    will there be studies done so people will know how many AI devices can be “installed “ in one persons body and since the devices all probably emit some type of field will some or all of the devices have to be interfaced with a separate device inside/outside of the body? would the different manufacturers be coordinating their tech or would a person onlybe able to have “approved “ devices by a certain manufacturer put in their body.
    Obviously i have so many thoughts on all of this . As you all say our humanness is at stake .
    also If a person goes on a carnival ride and their body goes through high G force level ? Bounced around in a boat or water skiing , off road driving , mountaing biking and the list goes on .. How can manufactuers R&D, test , beta test etc for all of these eventualities ? and with so many millions of people with auto immune disorders will cutting open the body and installing a foreign substance exacerbate their condition .
    who would be in charge of maintenance and upgrades , what would be the cost , It seems to me a persons bodily autonomy will completely disappear ,

    and please keepthis part of the email close to you as it is very private what happens when people like me who have strange effects on tech sometimes when the get near it , It is called the Pauli effect after Wolfgang Pauli ( Stanford Research hasdone studies on such people ) what happens if people like us have effects on tech in other peoples bodies as we stand near or pass by them . would we become modern day lepers ( how people with leprosy were treated or would we have to wear some type of energy dampeners of som sort . There is a very bazaar world emerging and their is no way anyone or anything … not even a quantuum computer can allow for all of the variables thank you for all you and the quartet do deepest apologies for poor grammar and run on sentences

    wallace stevens quote “ after the final no there comes a yes and on that yes the future world depends “ we must say yes to our humanness

    thank you
    teresa mary albers in las vegas

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