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Quartet Preview – Magnetic Pole Shift

What will be the effects of a magnetic pole shift? How might it affect the Earth’s magnetosphere, computers, Akashic records, even our memories and DNA? Might this accelerate the emergence of a new human? Gregg Braden, John Petersen, and Mark Gober unpack this fascinating topic.


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  1. From Phillip C.
    In your recent Quartet you discussed the pole shift. Gregg Braden said that the core of the earth has stopped rotating and the magnetosphere is getting weaker and will go to zero, then begin to build again when the core restarts. My question is…what will cause the core to restart and begin to rotate?
    Also what caused it to stop? Will there be any earth surface effects such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions as a result of the earth’s crust also slowing and possible stopping? Nancy Lieder’s Zeta Talk has for at least 20 years discussed the pole shift in great detail as to the causes and resulting effects to the earth. Thank your for all you do in addressing the issues and challenges humanity is facing today.

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Quartet - Magnetic Pole Shift

Quartet – Magnetic Pole Shift