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Quartet Preview – Is TRUTH Relative

John Petersen, Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, and Kingsley Dennis delve into the concept of truth as a subjective experience influenced by personal beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and information silos. They explore the challenges of determining objective truth in an ever-changing world and discuss the importance of a consensus reality in a functional society. With enlightening insights and engaging perspectives, this video prompts viewers to question their own understanding of truth and consider the factors that shape their perception of reality.

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  1. This was an incredible exploration that enlivened something for me.

    Indeed, we are wired to calibrate for truth when we are connected to our divinity. We know, intuitively, when something feels ‘right’ in our bodies, and when it does not. After all, intuition is our expression of the sacred … the divine …

    From my experience with my own journey and working with women through the WEL-Systems® Institute, what gets in the way is not innate ability to hear the evolution of truth but the cultural conditioning that has us believing a plethora of lies about ourselves and our world.

    Our bodies are designed to calibrate for truth – this is a fact of life. What we now need to incorporate and engage is a process that allows us to feel safe in our bodies to face the truth of our experience. Louise LeBrun’s Quantum TLC™ is that process; if we knew how to live like this and taught our children to embrace this process as a way of life, we would live vastly different lives because we would readily distinguish truth from untruth. Which means, we would not be able to be manipulated because we would trust our inner cues to guide us.

    After all, when we clear the cultural programming sufficiently and de-amplify its voice, we notice that we become more adept at hearing – really hearing, the Signal from Self / consciousness / Life Force / Divinity. Like Kingsley said, when we are connected to our own inner cues, we can readily connect to what we know is true. Our bodies are the key.

    Truth on this plane can be relative and ever-evolving. I would imagine that the evolution of truth is the point of the infinite game of life.

    From where I stand, the ultimate Truth is that there is no ultimate truth. Paradox, indeed. Because there is always a higher order truth that contextualizes the one that’s available to us in this moment. Such fun stuff to explore!

    Thanks for reading. I love your work and I look forward to staying connected and seeing how our journeys will intersect in the future.

    Exciting stuff 🙂

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Volume 27, Number 9 – 5/1/2024

Quartet Premium - Is Truth Relative?

Quartet Premium – Is Truth Relative?