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Quartet Preview – Is it time to plan a NEW COUNTRY?

Martin Armstrong’s projections indicate that between 2025 and 2027 we can expect a global civil war, after which the United States breaks up, and by 2032 there are five independent countries in North America. Logistically, the concept that the US breaks apart and then reconstitutes itself into five new countries within five years is extreme, at the least.

But with the increasing likelihood of the impending failure of the US government, it begs the question … what happens afterwards? Should we be planning a new country now? As we are moving towards a new world and a new human, this may be a golden opportunity.

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  1. Four or five independent countries in North America??
    There are already THREE.

    If Texas seceded and the Quebec region of Canada did the same, there are your five and is it a huge difference??

    I think not. This is just one pragmatic point of view,

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