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Quartet Preview – How will the engagement with extraterrestrial life change how humans see themselves?

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  1. Great discussion all.
    This is one of those discussions that should never end, and quite frankly based on where we are on our accession to somewhere it never will.
    Here is my 2 cents. When this event occurs, overt or covert, there will be some fear, that is inevitable, there will be that continuous discussion of transhumanism from those who do know know where they come. Just because they love that high of technology. So my focus is really about, as was discussed, the interaction.
    Once you get past the glee, the wonder, the fear, the what now, you will eventually get to the interaction.
    The interaction leads to the answers of “who am I?” because I guarantee the extraterrestrials know all about their and our cosmic heritage.
    And I also agree that the interaction will help release that “kingdom of god within”. We all innately know who we are but somewhere hidden in our DNA is that connection to all our brothers and sisters of the universe.
    Of course, this just leads to more questions of how the general public will react based on their belief systems right now.
    Those that are like minded here will enjoy this interaction and education.
    And I believe that will indeed be the roles for those like us, not better, just more aware; to help and assist when needed for those who have never thought about their existence in the universe.
    Thank you all for the conversation!

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Quartet – How will the engagement with extraterrestrial life change how humans see themselves?