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Quartet Preview – Government in the New World

What kind of government will be needed for the New World?

If we’re on our way to a New World that is the beginning of 1000 years of peace, what kind of government will there be? If no one is using violence as a way of solving problems there must necessarily be a fundamental “mind shift” that has taken place that sets the stage for and supports such a radically different environment. In that context do we need government at all? . . . or is something quite different from the present almost certainly headed this way?

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  1. Regarding the issue of sexual abuse, which Kingsley Dennis mentions, it seems to matter depending on which side of the prevailing System you look at. As Kingsley indicated, there are similarities, a certain pattern, between the case of Julian Assange and that of Russel Brand. The case that is not mentioned because this person does not argue or argue against the prevailing system is that of the recent Nobel Prize winner in physics Lawrence Krauss. There is ample information – still – on the web about the abuses committed by Krauss during his time at Arizona State University – see 2018 article in The Atlantic by Marina Koren, and several in other media – his presence has been banned at 3 universities and several conferences canceled at that time. The serious thing about the issue is that in the case of Krauss it is known that the accusations are true and yet he is awarded a Nobel Prize, with which he launders his reputation, he is assigned an amount of money close to a million dollars plus a 18 karat gold coin with Nobel’s face. Regardless of the value that his work may have, it is worth asking, where is the ethical reflection of institutions and personal moral responsibility? We clearly see that those who dare to disagree with the prevailing system will be attacked without mercy. What name can we assign to that type of situations or governments? Thank you for what you all do.

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