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Quartet Preview – Can We Change Human Nature?

Can human nature change? And if it does change, how might it change? What might make this happen?

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  1. Posted for Scott.
    Hi John,
    I recently started listening to your Quartet show (The Big Strategy: Off-Planet Control . . . ). I heard Greg discuss Jesus, his ascension through the Shroud etc. It made me wonder if you, Penny or Greg have read the Urantia Book ?

  2. Thanks to each of you for the brainstorming session. So much to consider…This is a huge question regarding looking to a new world that is a peaceful and pleasant place to be for everyone. This needs to be explored more… IMHO.

    My personal take is that the premise that Human Nature will never change is not only a problem, it’s a lie perpetrated by the “demons”.

    Humans are not naturally what we see today. They had to be taught to do nasty things to earth, animals, themselves, and other humans. Naturally, without the training, humans are loving and cooperative.

    Our training begins during gestation, through birth (thank you Kelly for revealing the importance of rubbing a new born with the film that is around it) and childhood.

    We carry that training into adulthood where we may learn we can control our thoughts and feelings with practice. For some, this comes relatively easy; for others it’s a difficult and long road to travel. Some cannot succeed because they refuse to try. The power of imagination is worthless to these folks.

    There is also the soul’s journey to consider. Did the soul want to be destructive to others coming in? I don’t know because I was only there for my own soul and with that reference, I would say no, that was not the initial intention.

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Volume 25, Number 7 – 4/1/2024

Premium Quartet, Can we change human nature?

Premium Quartet – Can We Change Human Nature?