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Quartet Preview – Are Other-Dimensional Entities Affecting Us?

How significant are other-dimensional entities to the evolutionary push that this planet is experiencing? Are they an integral part of the process or incidental to it?

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  1. This episode resonated with me (well, most of them do!). Particularly the discussion about becoming aware but not entangling yourself in negative forces/beings/agendas. My husband and I have always referred back to Ian Lungold’s lecture on the Mayan Calendar. He said do not resist things, but go your own way. “Let them all go crazy,” he said. “You stay centered.” I think this is wonderful advice, but it can be difficult to follow. What the previous Quartet did not touch on so much was how to handle our own negativity, agendas, fears, etc. My question is what do we do with those? The same approach? Maintain awareness of them but don’t engage? That requires so much maturity….to hold space for something but avoid falling into it. I’ve done so much digging within myself and so much introspection and self-observation. Yet I still have heaps of guilt, anger, and a whole lot of fear! I wonder, at what point do we stop digging for the story, the root cause? When is enough enough? Can we then say “I’m experiencing anger/fear etc, but it will pass” with the full knowledge that these emotions originate within us, not outside of us. That reacting to the outside “source” is pointless, even harmful. Do you feel it’s enough to simply give them space to unfold and hopefully fade? In this time of such great transformation, do you think it’s necessary to keep digging through old files to find the root? Things come up to be acknowledged and brought into the light. But is there really such a thing as “letting go” of emotions we don’t like? Or do we simply lose the sensitivity to our triggers and learn to move graciously through them…

    I would love everyone’s thoughts!

  2. Hi
    Kingsley talks about “the greater forces coming in”. That is a bit vague to me. What are these “greater forces”. From where are they “coming in”, and what does “coming in” mean?

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