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Quartet Preview – A New Global Narrative

How might we actively build a new global narrative about an emerging new human and new world? How would we communicate and execute this new vision? With Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, John Petersen, Mark Gober.

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  1. Elias Boysen

    I have a question for the panel. Permaculture is a hot topic in certain communities. I have myself joined some eco-community gatherings but I have become less and less active with this group over time. It coincides with me building up a smallholding, renovating a house and trying some gardening, besides doing some other inventions to help with the work and also for leisure I can only blame myself for not always being on target with my priorities, though. But I have to say that all the work involved has left me little space for more “theoretical” stuff. And then I learn that some people make carreers of giving out diplomas for you to attend expensive courses and educations in permaculture design. And I guess most attendees don’t even own any land to start any farming to begin with. Perhaps the plan is to intergate those people into guilds for working under government og corporate entities in the future as some kind of serfs? I just don’t know. However I see that many permaculture principles are a good solution to many of the ills of lagacy farming and cultivating practices. What do you think about this movement? Wholly positive, mostly or partially positive, or subversive. I’d be careful to say the latter word, but some may actually want to use the ideas of superior principles in order to target traditional farmers in a bad way.

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