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PostScript: Alain Nu 2017 Encore


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Alain Nu has performed internationally before crowds at casinos, business conventions, exclusive private parties and educational groups. He believes that there are natural – although largely undeveloped – capabilities that all humans have that appear to be magic to most of us but really aren’t. Using scientific explanations gleaned from researchers like Rupert Sheldrake and Larry Dossey he demonstrates – in a highly entertaining way – a string of capabilities that seem impossible, leaving you knowing that some weren’t “magic” after all – but still wondering how he did it. A recent Huffington Post article (MAGIC: What if it was real?) featuring his work and unique perspectives said: In (his) view stage magic has lost its way placing emphasis on trickery and hosting a general disbelief in the arcane milieu from which they were spawned. In his performances, Alain Nu employs techniques that blur the lines between science and unexplained phenomena and often leaves the audience confounded thus stretching their belief systems. Here Alain demonstrated amazing tricks that caused metal spoons to appear to bend in his hand. Alain’s book, Picture your ESP!: Reveal Your Hidden Powers With “The Nu ESP Test” conveys the essence of his premise.

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