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Suzanne Giesemann – Expand Your Consciousness

You are part of a much greater reality than the objective world we experience with our physical senses. As a soul in a human body, you have access to insights, guidance, and the awareness that you are so very loved. You have the natural ability to connect with those who exist beyond this physical dimension. It is your birthright to enjoy peace, happiness, and a sense of connection with all of creation.

Spend the day with former Navy Commander and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-turned-evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann as she takes you through The 3 E’s of Awakened Living™. Join us either in person, or via livestream, February 17th!  Suzanne will share evidence-filled stories and practicable techniques, making deep spiritual concepts easy to understand.

Volume 27, Number 2 – 1/16/2024

Quartet Preview - Looking Ahead at 2024

Quartet Preview – Looking Ahead at 2024