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Preview, Questions – April 2023

This month’s preview includes questions regarding video vaccines, and the managed collapse of the financial system.

The full episode, available to Premium Members, includes:

  • Hal Puthoff, Kit Green looking for the hidden UFO program
  • Automotive software leading to cyber vulnerabilities
  • Adaptive resilience concept
  • GDC resulting from global distrust in fiat currency
  • Impending catastrophic Earth event
  • Video vaccines
  • Managed collapse of the financial system
  • RealID licenses and control plans
  • Hopeful results following major change
  • Prognosis for cash based renters after digital currency
  • Australia’s fate in this transition
  • HB1169

Dr. David Martin special package, two presentations for one special price

Dr. David Martin, Special Double Replay Package

Questions with John Petersen, April 2023. Full episode for premium members.

Questions – April 2023