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Kingsley Dennis – The Inversion

Futurist John Petersen, interviews author and philosopher Kingsley Dennis, PhD, about Kingsley’s new book, “The Inversion, How We Have Been Tricked Into Believing a False Reality.”

Reality is a construct. It is how we perceive, it is how we project, based on our world worldview, our thoughts and our perceptual parameters, belief systems, etc. But where do all of these come from?

A lot of it comes through the stories and narratives, the mythology, and everything that gets fed into it. When we come into this reality we are a blank slate. So we are given a narrative, a program, a story, over and over. Over time those stories are fit together to create a sense of lineage.

So from an outside perspective, this would be seen as a madness – a normalized madness. If everyone agrees on the consensus reality, and there is no dissonance or breakdown, then we don’t realize an alternative. That is until a few people start breaking out, and the cracks begin to appear; and you begin to question the way you think. Is this really the way it is?

What do you think?

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