James DeMeo, PhD, Coming to TransitionTALKS September 25

The emergence of a new world will be telegraphed with many breakthrough discoveries that will become the platform for the new paradigm.  Albert Einstein, for example, said that all of his quantum theories would become obsolete if someone could show that there was, in fact, an ether that filled all of the space around us.  Well, a number of researchers have now found that we exist within a structured “vacuum” . . . and foremost among them, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, showed that this energy field that we live in – he called it Orgone Energy – could be engineered to do extraordinary things, including, potentially, helping us travel to the stars.

Reich’s ideas represent an authentic Galilean-scale paradigm shift.  They completely rewrite physics as we know it – and open up extraordinary possibilities for benefiting human life. 

He has shown how to build relatively simple structures – Orgone Energy Accumulators – that have “amazing” healing properties (helping bodies to eliminate diseases like cancer), can boost immunity and have even been shown to extend life. His accumulators have also been used to enhance plant growth.  The Reich Cloudbuster, a relatively simple device, can make rain and end droughts and green deserts.  Reich’s ideas are so fundamental – yet practical – that his Orgone Field Meter can measure the strength of the human energy field.  Reich found that his refutation of “empty space” physics, opened the doors to a host of new energy-rich technologies – many of which will, almost certainly, be the foundation of the new world.

Starting in the early 1970s, Dr. James DeMeo, our TransitionTalks speaker on September 25th, first as a young graduate student and later university professor, and more recently at his own institute and laboratory has concentrated, more than anyone else in the world, on examining Reich’s findings. He has designed and executed many in-depth experiments on all aspects of this work.  DeMeo confirmed Reich’s findings in every case, often with new findings and astonishing results as would define an authentic paradigm shift.

In this fascinating talk, Dr. DeMeo will not only explain Reich’s theories – in terms everyone can understand – and then show, one-by-one, the amazing devices that have already been built around these theories.  He will also explain the explosive, potential implications for the future of humanity and the emergent new world that naturally flow from these fascinating new perspectives.

Join us September 25th, via Livestream or In Person!

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