Gerald Pollack, PhD: WATER: An Extraordinary Scientific Discovery

A Potential Revolution in Healthcare, Energy, Filtration (Without a Filter) and Desalination of Seawater with Just the Energy of the Sun!

Gerald Pollack The Fourth Phase of Water

It isn’t often that scientists discover a new form of the most common material on the planet – that can revolutionize fundamentally how very basic aspects of human life – like our healthcare – will be understood in the future. 

But our TransitionTalks speaker for June, Dr. Gerald Pollack, has done just that.  Dr. Pollack is the leader of a team that has discovered a fourth state of water – not liquid, solid or gas, but a kind of gel . . . that it turns out is everywhere!  It makes up all of our cells, clouds, saps in plants . . . and no one ever knew that it had fundamentally different characteristics from ice, water or water vapor. 

This new water (Dr. Pollack and his team call it Exclusion Zone water – or EZ water) has extraordinary characteristics.  For instance, it can act like a little generator and can produce enough electricity to light LEDs!  Just connect wires to the EZ water and the substrate that is next to it.  Think self-powered biotechnology (like a heart monitor), that you wear and never have to change the battery. 

EZ water can also be used to produce highly purified, filtered water – like removing the salt and other materials from sea water – by only using the energy from the sun.  No batteries or external energy source required!

And you probably didn’t know that you’ve been looking at EZ water all of your life . . . because every cloud is made up of this newly discovered material.  Better understanding the characteristics could easily translate into a far better understanding of our atmosphere, weather and even, perhaps climate.

What do you think?

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