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Freddy Silva – Sacred Sites Explained

Freddy Silva has authored several books centering around sacred sites and their underlying energies. In this interview with John Petersen he discusses what these sites represent and why they are there.

He also gives a little preview about his upcoming talk in July, “Initiation and the Quest for the Otherworld.”

Long ago there existed a secret ritual from which initiates returned ‘awakened’ or ‘risen from the dead’, and right up to the Greek era the experience was considered a pinnacle of spiritual development, where no physical death was ever involved. With roots in Japan c.8000 BC as ‘the Way of the Gods’, the tradition moved westward to be adopted by Christian gnostics as the ‘living resurrection’.

Discover where initiation was practiced around the world, why no bodies were found in Egyptian pyramids, why priestesses held the highest level of office, and how a sacred narrative was twisted to create the false story of one practitioner, Jesus.

Join us and Freddy Silva — either in person or via livestream! Get tickets and more info here:

All tickets include access to the replay for six months!


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