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Edd Edwards – The Path to Mastering Energy


John Petersen interviews Edd Edwards about his life, and childhood, and how he developed the ability to manipulate energy.

All of his life Edd Edwards has had an extraordinary ability to manipulate the energetic underpinnings of this reality with his mind. As a school child he could cause lightning to strike in predetermined and desired locations and has been healing people from pains and illness for decades.

His abilities are so unusual that he has been studied in lengthy programs at the University of Virginia, the Rhine Institute, The Monroe Institute and the Pinelandia Bio-Physical Laboratory, where he worked with Dr. William Levengood and Penny Kelly. At UVA it was scientifically determined that he could cause his brain to resonate simultaneously at all frequencies from Alpha to Theta.

Edd is able to create measurable electrical charges with his higher brain functions which he uses in individual and group healing sessions. His capabilities are not limited by distance; much of his work is healing at a distance.

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Volume 26, Number 17 – 9/1/2023

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