Dr. Todd Ovokaitys coming to TransitionTalks

On September 23rd, Transition Talks will host Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, an extraordinary researcher, inventor, and global pioneer who is redefining the underlying science related to life extension, consciousness, agriculture, pharma and health.

Dr. Todd will describe his Qigenix process of stem cell laser treatment that has recently been scientifically shown to extend life by twelve years . . . as well as a number of other leading edge protocols for achieving optimum health and even supernormal abilities.

Come and be part of a day-long intensive experience that will help you build a new platform for making sense of the unprecedented shift that is taking place around us and shaping the emergence of a new world. You’ll be taken, step-by-step through some of the most exciting research being done on the planet today – and learn how this profound new knowledge can help you live a better healthier life now . . . and live longer as well.

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