Dr. David Martin, A Deep Assessment of the Biggest Change in History

Dr. David Martin, A deep assessment of the biggest change in history: making our way through the coming year

Dr. David Martin, April 15th, 2023.

One of the biggest big-picture thinkers in the world, Dr. David Martin, is coming back to TransitionTalks in Berkeley Springs on the 15th of April . . . and the timing could not be more propitious. As we watch the slow-motion implosion of the giant, familiar institutions that have defined all of our lives, the natural question is – Where is this going?

Never in our lives have things been so uncertain. Truth is almost impossible to ascertain, artificial intelligence is blurring reality, our country is rapidly fraying, extraordinary forces are trying to convince us that fragmentation is more desirable than coherence and, at the same time, giant changes in our climate and solar system are underway.

All of these forces – and many more – are converging in the coming months and year or two to clearly reconfigure the way we live. In some cases – like the emergence of artificial intelligence — the possibilities have never been imagined before.

Your ability to navigate the rapids ahead is completely dependent upon your degree of understanding about what might be headed this way. That is what this presentation is about – getting a sophisticated, useful, understanding about what is inbound.

What do you think?

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