Digital Demise

Jesus would have been banned from Facebook,

Too many likes for the likes of those in charge;

Shunned even by the Twitterati – too radical –

Reviled by the Mainstream News – his narrative

Not consistent with their agenda.

All his YouTube videos taken down.

Even the one of him appearing to walk across water –

Several million views – Googled out of existence.

This man’s TED talks now unavailable. ‘Sorry’.


His LinkedIn page would be ‘laughed to scorn’ –

“Story-teller, Teacher, Lover of all humanity,

Especially enemies; If you’re poor and broken, welcome!

Healer, miracle-worker,

Ability to change one thing into another on demand;

Paradigm-buster, shape shifter, bringer of good news;

Manifester of groceries out of thin air – no gathering too large.

Advice on fishing.”

And the clincher for his digital demise:

“You can do this too!”


Of course, he knew it was asking for trouble

To challenge the status quo:

The rigid hierarchies of authority,

The conflicting laws of religion and state,

Designed to dominate and disempower.

He quietly refused to participate,

Instead freely demonstrating the power of love

In plain sight of those with the love of power.

But it had to be done.


We know how it ended – or do we?


Here we are in the now,

The same old power structures

Dominating and disempowering.

Wars on terror, terrifying us all,

Death by gaslight, mind-bending

And blatant dishonesty,

Pandemics of fear and confusion

Criminal control of ‘the truth’, conjured

By a handful of rich mostly white, mostly men

Who still believe in an old paradigm –

Of scarcity and competition.

Survival of the fattest bank account.

Yet haunted by the idea of their own death.


It’s dawning that Darwin it got it wrong.

It can’t be every man for himself!

(Always, of course, ignoring the women)

In our quantum sea, graciously perfused

By an over-arching beneficent Mind,

Sparkling and dancing with infinite potential,

Separation’s not possible – everything we do,

Think and feel matters, affects everything.

Makes all things possible, even Jesus,

Now with a new endorsement on his page –

‘Practical application of quantum physics’.


So how can we finish what he started –

Resurrect the forgotten Christ?

Do we want to? Enough? Can we be bothered

To look up from our weapons of mass distraction,

Or will we settle for the same old, same old,

Until the doomsday clock strikes twelve?

In which case, we know how it ends.

But for this light-filled new beginning to come to birth,

The question is, will I, will we,

Quietly refuse to participate in business as usual

And, against all the logical odds,

Be willing to demonstrate the power of love

In plain sight of those with the love of power?


Ann Banks

15 October 2020

14 November 2020

John Petersen 2020 – Becoming a New Human — Rising to Engage the Biggest Change in History, Part 1

Volume 24, Number 1 – 1/1/21