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Brooks Agnew – Bearth

What if the Earth is a living consciousness, that protects itself from toxins, that brings forth life, and has a symbiotic relationship with the other consciousness on the planet (humans).

As humans became populous, sometimes they would become  more “wicked” than good, and  the planet would have “allergic” reactions (tidal waves, earthquakes, etc.) in response to mankind.

Over the past 300 years, mankind grew too fast for Earth to respond, with half the population “wicked” and half good.  Earth cannot decide if it should destroy humanity, or release its bounty.

So, Earth decides to split … into a spirit Earth and a temporal Earth.  Then what happens?

Futurist John Petersen talks with author Brooks Agnew about his Bearth series, manifesting, creating the future, and the conditions at play in the world today.

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