What is content marketing and why does it work great?

Content marketing is fundamentally different from classic sales – you do not tell your potential customer “buy our product”, you show him a review of your product and competitor’s products and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each. Content marketing is not an attempt to manipulate a client, but honestly providing him with the information that he is looking for. Full, objective and useful information.

Just writing on the site “You will find the best prices with us” is no longer enough. To convince a potential client to contact you, digest the prices of your area and show that yours are really the best. What if this is not so? Do not write this on the site. Write the truthful information that you can confirm and confirm it – “Some of our competitors have a 10% lower price, but we have the most reliable packaging of three-layer cardboard and delivery in just two days.” And write an article about how your packaging is made and why it is so reliable with statistics, infographics and photos. In addition, one of the best ways to contribute in content marketing with your company name is to create a Wikipedia article.

Why does content marketing work?  

High-quality content marketing literally does not allow the client to resist, thanks to the caused trust and authority. Consumers do not look on the Internet for sites that offer them to buy a specific product, they look for detailed information that will allow them to make their own choices.

Content marketing is a natural advancement, so it will not lose its relevance, as happened with black SEO in the mid-2000s. High-quality content creates an expert image for you, strengthening your position both among potential customers and among competitors. The constant emergence of new materials increases search traffic – again, naturally, by increasing the number of promoted queries.


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