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PostScript Premium Members receive a number of significant benefits: For only $25 per month (or $225 per year), you’ll get exclusive access to:

The Arlington Institute’s internationally acclaimed e-newsletter, which arrives twice a month, bringing you a survey of the most significant inbound events, discoveries and inventions that will dramatically shape our future.

Unlock exclusive links in FUTUREdition only for Premium Members that include some of the most important inbound events and discoveries that are not available to regular FUTUREdition subscribers.

If you can’t make it to Berkeley Springs for our monthly speaker series that features leading thinkers like Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Lee Carroll and many others, as a Premium Member you will have free access to the videos of the full 90-180 minute presentations.

Our monthly, one-hour ROUNDTABLE, deep dive discussion with thought leaders John Petersen, Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, Pierre Dubois and Kingsley Dennis about the extraordinary shift that we’re all experiencing.  They’ll exclusively tackle the big issues about what’s on the horizon, how we get from here to there, how it all seems to work, and what you can be doing to prepare for this epic transition.

When something really big is in the news, you’ll find in your inbox an insightful assessment of what it means and how it relates to the global transition . . . and our future.  John Petersen and Gregg Braden will provide powerful analysis that will help you make sense of all of the big discontinuities that will certainly populate the coming months and years.

A one-hour livestream ask “anything” session with John Petersen, only for Premium Members.  Your chance to get John’s perspective on your personal queries.

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