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Reversing Traumatic Brain Injury . . . and Other Breakthrough Therapies That Baffle Conventional Science

In this time of and accelerating explosion of new knowledge, amazing breakthroughs are showing up in many areas. Dr. John McMichael is a researcher and inventor at the leading edge of medical research and what he is discovering flies in the face of conventional wisdom – but it works!

In the United States, for example, about 1.5 million people suffer a chronic traumatic brain injury (cTBI)  each year from auto, bicycle, pedestrian accidents, assaults, and sports-related injuries. This type of injury results in “permanent” scar tissue in the brain, which in turn produces compromised mental functions either temporarily or permanently. Of the 1.5 million so afflicted, approximately 50,000 will die and 80,000 will have some degree of disability. Current treatment presumes that these kinds of injuries are irreversible and that the victims will bed=ridden or severely incapacitated for the rest of their lives.

But now, Dr. John McMichael and his research team have shown that a particular molecule has the ability to prevent new scar formation and decrease or eliminate old scars in a wide variety of superficial and internal indications —  including the brain — in humans and animals. Dr. McMichael figured out how to allows cell-to-cell communication, where before it had been shut down.  Accident victims and x-NFL players suffering from multiple concussions treated with this breakthrough therapy show consistent improvements, reporting that, “It gave me my life back.”  It turns out it also works throughout the body where scar tissue has built up.


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