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Do you think your child is special? Well, perhaps he or she is! Self-help professionals Lee Carroll and Jan Tober have collected essays by dozens of doctors, counselors, and other childhood experts that seem to document the arrival on earth of a newly evolved species of human kiddie referred to here as an “indigo” child. The 10 most common traits are: 1.) They come into the world with a feeling of royalty. 2.) They have a feeling of deserving to be here. 3.) Self-worth is not a big issue. 4.) They have difficulty with authority by ritual or without explanation. 5.) They simply will not do certain things. 6.) They get frustrated with systems that don’t require creative thought. 7.) They often see better ways of doing things. 8.) School is often difficult for them and they can seem antisocial. 9.) They will not respond to guilt-trip discipline. 10.) They are not shy about letting you know what they need.

If your little angel/devil fits this pattern and you are pulling your hair out trying to relate, you may want to read this book before resorting to Ritalin. –P. Randall Cohan

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Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, the authors of The Indigo Children and An Indigo Celebration, speak before thousands of seminar attendees worldwide on human enablement and empowerment. Lee has authored numerous books that have been translated into multiple languages; and Jan is an accomplished writer and musician.

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