Blue Light Blocking Glasses -Anti-Eyestrain Computer, Gaming Eyewear -Improve Sleep Price: $34.95 (as of 05/08/2020 12:10 PST- Details)

Wood frame
Composite lens
non polarized


Product Description

Block out artificial blue light and reduce eyestrain with these trendy wooden blue light block glasses from 4EST!

Who Needs Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Does your job require you to be on a computer or laptop most of the day? Are you frequently on your phone checking social media and surfing the web? Do you like to unwind at night by catching up on your favorite TV shows? If you said YES to any of those questions then these blue light block glasses will help you immensely.

4EST Wooden Blue Light Blocking Glasses:

  • Reduces 97% of blue light from electronic screens
  • Transform your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Anti-eyestrain glasses for improved eye performance
  • Stylish wooden design that you can wear anywhere
  • Environmentally friendly company

About 4EST Shades

Our goal is to craft the highest-quality wooden sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses on the market while also doing our part in helping the environment. That is how the “Buy One, Plant Two” concept was born. With every purchase made we will donate to have two trees planted! Together we can make a vast impact on the sustainability of our forests.

Click “Add to Cart” and see for yourself the positive impact these blue light block glasses will have on your life!

Wood frame
Composite lens
non polarized
Lens width: (REGULAR) 55 millimeters
SUPERIOR BLUE LIGHT BLOCKERS – Our eyes are not designed to filter or block blue light. These blue light block glasses reduce 97% of light that is emitted from electronic screens like laptops, TVs, cellphones, light bulbs and much more!
GLASSES MADE FROM REAL WOOD – Many of the blue light glasses on the market are functional but not trendy. The bamboo arms on these computer glasses are ultra-comfortable and super stylish. You’ll love wearing these glasses when out and about.
DRASTICALLY IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP – Blue light suppresses melatonin which will directly affect the quality of your sleep. By reducing your exposure to artificial blue light throughout the day, you’re helping to optimize your sleep.
SAY GOODBYE TO EYESTRAIN – Digital Eye Strain can produce symptoms like headaches, blurry vision, poor posture and other issues. These blue light block glasses reduce eyestrain which will have a noticeable effect on your health and wellbeing.
2 TREES PLANTED WITH EVERY PURCHASE – Rest easy knowing that you are also helping the environment when you order a pair of wooden glasses from 4EST. Two trees are planted with every purchase!

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(REGULAR) 55 Millimeters, (SMALL) 51 Millimeters