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John Petersen 2020 – Becoming a New Human — Rising to Engage the Biggest Change in History, Part 2

Part 2 of 2.
Futurist John Petersen returns to TransitionTalks with a major presentation on the practical aspects of rising to become the new human – the fundamental requirements for effectively engaging in the extraordinary shift that is surrounding us. The next handful of years promise to be the most turbulent – and rewarding -- in human history. The result will be the emergence of a new human . . . and then a new world.

The key players that launch the new world will be the relatively small group of individuals that will have new values, perspectives and capabilities that are quite different from how we’ve all been raised. They will see themselves and the world – and their function in it – in radically unencumbered terms.

This is a huge transition, where the old, familiar world implodes (perhaps you’ve noticed that that is happening all around us), providing a “vacuum” for the emergence of a new world – a planet where ultimately there is no war and humans see themselves, in general, as an integral part of all that is, and specifically and directly connected to all of nature and life on earth. More

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